Any game that involves throwing a heavy object can be dangerous if people are being careless. Mishaps among ax throwers are extremely rare worldwide. I compare ax throwing to the sport of bowling; bowling would be very dangerous if people turned around and threw the ball into the crowd. Of course, nobody does this. Like ax throwing or, the game of darts, the sharp pointy thing is going away from you and the crowd. At Axhilaration safety is our number one priority and we put safeguards in place to overt any accidents. Large chain-link backdrops, wide roped off areas with signage, and, like bowling, you stay away from the target while we bring the thrown objects back to you. This is all in addition to thorough safety instruction and vigilant observation by our instructors.


Absolutely! If fact, they usually gravitate to it more than the men. Sometimes I get gals telling me that they don't think they can do it but I generally I have them sticking axes in under 5 throws. After that they can't get enough! We even do special events like Girlpower 2017 so, yes definitely a hit with the ladies.


Yes, we have a whole array of safety equipment to protect the walls, floor, and of course the people. We do need a minimum of a 10 foot ceiling height and about 30 foot of room length.

How long does the ax throwing last?

We have a 2 hour minimum of play time up to all day! Allow 1 hour before and after your event for setup.

What happens if I need to cancel an event?

We require a non-refundable deposit to hold a date however, in the event of a cancellation that deposit can be applied to another time in the future so you don't loose it.