The Team

Kyle Sefcik

You know him, you love him, you may remember him from such businesses as K-SEF Entertainment, MMA & Sport, that Peruvian Chicken place with the big Lama on the side, and some inflatable company. Hookah lounge enthusiast, recent addition to the Avengers, and future county council member...

Daniel Stuart

Born in the year of the dragon, professional artist blacksmith, plays with fire and all things manly yet, still has time for poetry. Daniel has been involved in the training with medieval sharp things sense he first entered the double digits. This interest has taken him into real armored combat and earned him medals in German long-sword combat and cutting competitions. What drew him into these interests? Was it a knight in shining armor complex? Too much Conan as a child? Maybe he just likes the feel of an armored codpiece. Nobody's certain but what we do know is that it comes as no surprise that with Daniel's old-school interests he was easily drawn into the game of ax throwing.


With his background as an instructor, a knack for creating a good time, and one too many Monster energy drinks, Daniel has been equipped with a unique skill set; This being the ability to offer simple and clear instructions while keeping the atmosphere both fun and safe.


Daniel has taught hundreds of people how to throw axes at a verity of venues including Burning Man 2017 where he brought ax throwing to one of the most popular and far-out festivals on the planet. Now, with Axhilaration, he is bringing this fun and truly unique sport to you!